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Water by Mind Map: Water

1. Whats happening in the world?

2. In many places around the world, it is hard to get access to water places close by. For example in countries in Africa many people have to walk many miles to collect water for their family

3. What are the water problems we face?

4. What are some solutions?

5. 884 million people in the world aproxminatly 1 in 8 people have a lack of safe water supply. Also some people around the world in poorer continents such as Africa only have a supply of 30 liters of water per day, and a normal bath holds 151liters of water. There are many problems around the world in different countries where many children and families can not have access to water and so they become ill and may die. The other problem is that the water is not always clean and safe to drink and so it can also give you a disease or when there is little water you can get dehidrated.

6. There are many solutions that could help the water problems people face, such as people in the slums and people who dont have a home in areas such as africa and india who have no access to water, this situation could be helped by the goverment taking interest into people the people that are living here. Although there are many charities all over the world who collect money and donante money to many people in africa and india also many other places, this money isnt really enough to help every person who is in need of water. If the government did help this could be a very useful contribution to the people who need water.