Optimal Stop Location

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Optimal Stop Location by Mind Map: Optimal Stop Location


1.1. BA-RETRIEVE Receives assignment nos. and type of assignemt from calling program(PP08/PP09/PP12/LM43)

1.2. BB-CHECK-PBS-CHAMBER Read DCMX T1 R15, to find if the Assingmnet being processed belongs to PBS chamber or not

1.3. BC-OPTIMAL-STOP-FLAG Read DCMX T1 R5 to find out the value of Optimal Stop Location Flag

1.4. BD-GET-LCML-T91-DIA If optimal stop location flag is set to "Y" or "S" read LCML T91 to get optimal stop location diameter


2.1. IF NOT( Part Pick AND Split Assingmment)

2.1.1. CA-PROCESS-AP-WH Read all the picking locations of the assignment from APFILE or OPFILE or WHFILE and store it in an array CBA-SORT-APFILE Sort the locations in an ascending order CD-TO-FIND-OPT-STOP-LOC CDA-TO-FIND-AISLE-RANGE                         Read the picking locations and find outs in which aisle range the location is falling CDB-CALCULATE-DISTANCE Calculates distance between two consecutive  picking locations to find out if the picking locations are in the same aisle and distance b/w them is less than Optimal Stop Location Diameter CDC-FIND-OSL Tries to find out the Optimal Location b/w the first reference point (first location) and the last reference point(Last location within the same aisle and optimal diameter) CF-LINK-TO-LU01 Links LU01 program to Transmit data from PP15 to another program and then returns the control back to PP15.


3.1. IF Part pick OR Split Assingnmnent

3.1.1. CH-LOAD-ALL-ASSIGN  In order to process Multiple assignments store all the assignments in an array along with the picking location of each one.

3.1.2. CI-PROCESS-ASSIGN works out optimal stop location for each assignment by taking one at a time and do in loop until all the assignment captured in step CH-LOAD-ALL-ASSIGN gets over. It calls section CA-PROCESS-AP-WH.