Tutorial 8: Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivational approaches

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Tutorial 8: Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivational approaches by Mind Map: Tutorial 8: Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivational approaches

1. Intrinsic motivation

1.1. Internal satisfactions

1.1.1. a person receives in the process of performing a particular action

1.2. higher needs of individuals

2. Extrinsic motivation

2.1. Given by another person

2.2. example: raise and promotions

2.3. lower needs of individuals

3. Motivation theories

3.1. Help leaders understand the complexities of  “pushes” or “pulls” people to do things

3.2. some are focus on ..

3.2.1. fairness

3.2.2. justice at the workplace

4. Needs-based theories

4.1. 1. Hierarchy needs theory

4.1.1. by Maslow

4.1.2. humans are motivated by multiple needs and those needs exist in a hierarchical order self-actualisation esteem love and belonging safety physiological

4.2. 2. Two-factor theory

4.2.1. Hygiene factors Involves the presence or absence of job dissatisfiers working conditions, pay, company policies, and interpersonal relationships

4.2.2. Motivators Involves job satisfaction and meeting higher-level needs achievement, recognition, and opportunity for growth

5. IJM

5.1. No one will lose their job in IJM

5.2. voluntary pay cuts at managerial ranks and above

5.3. employees rewarded with long term incentive plan

5.4. Employees ownership

5.4.1. employees themselves expresses their desire to expand the business

5.4.2. Peoples growth

5.5. Value

5.5.1. humility

5.5.2. tenacity

5.5.3. trustworthy

5.5.4. credible

5.5.5. highly respect