Tutorial 11: Spiritual leadership

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Tutorial 11: Spiritual leadership by Mind Map: Tutorial 11: Spiritual leadership

1. Starbucks

1.1. During financial crisis

1.2. Howard Schultz come back to the company and save it

1.2.1. He has to take the risk that even he comes back, nothing will change

1.3. He believe in Love, Passion, Leadership , Responsibility, and Hope

1.4. Making his people to believe

1.5. Humanity and willing to admit mistake

1.6. 'Work is where people are at where they need to be care for'

2. Define

2.1. comprises the values, attitudes, and behaviours

2.2. intrinsic motivation

2.3. satisfy fundamental needs for spiritual well-being through calling and membership

2.4. positively influences employee well-being, sustainability

2.5. corporate social responsibility

3. Spiritual leaders

3.1. use time and effort to develop rich inner life

3.1.1. serve the organisation with: altruistic love passion hope vision

3.2. For the others, the followers

3.3. Focus on intrinsic motivation

3.4. Power

3.4.1. ability to get someone else to do something

3.4.2. ability to make things happen

3.5. Spiritual leaders are able to influence others

3.5.1. They does not need to orders the other to do it. People themselves get influenced

3.6. Facing tough times

3.6.1. building endurance and sustain together

4. Use Starbuck as an example

4.1. emphasis on non-financial reward

4.1.1. People

4.1.2. Planet

4.2. Starbucks support their employees education fee

4.2.1. For the good of their employee

4.2.2. Employees can enjoy education

4.3. Buy coffee beans from small farmers

4.3.1. Less environmental harm and pollution

4.4. Embrace the internal and external parties