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Membership by Mind Map: Membership

1. FAQ

1.1. Why do we have this project?

1.1.1. To improve members experience

1.2. Develop LDM 4 qualities

1.2.1. EBM has to discuss

2. Member Education  Cycle delivery

2.1. change the way member education cycle being delivered

2.1.1. More simulation at the begining and hands-on practical afterwards

2.1.2. Encourage cross-portfolio education cycle

3. LCM (Weekly/biweekly?)

3.1. Prepare MEC during LCM

3.1.1. Define actions as necessary

3.2. Practical Lead sesson

3.3. Work space during LCM

3.4. State of local and national affairs explanation

4. Culture of achievement

4.1. Rewards and Recognition scheme

4.1.1. Monthly random

4.1.2. every quarter

5. Bonding session

5.1. 2 LC wide bonding each term