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Student Technology Helpdesk by Mind Map: Student Technology Helpdesk
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Student Technology Helpdesk

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Map of Wifi Campus Coverage

Process of /release /renew

Password resets

Point of Contact (Beth Wheeler)

Why won't my password work anymore?

How do I reset my password?


Contact Person (Haley Carter)

North GA Blackboard Problems

eLearning 24hr tech support contact info

Computing Labs

ACTT Center


Proposed new lab in Academic 4

Email (home page section)

Mobile Email Setup

Explain why PC/Mac Clients can't use outlook

PRIORITY! GSC Email Attachments

Banner Web

Banner Web Contact Info

FAQ Content written by Academic Advising

Microsoft Office






Link to installation instructions

Computer Usage Policies

Copy of GSC Computer and Network Usage Police 2007

Privacy Policy

Free Microsoft Software for Students

License Agreement

Link to site in portal

How to install

Virtual Lab

Contact Person ( Lance Hundt)

Link to website

Student Tech News (home page section)

Working on increasing bandwidth on campus

New computing lab in new academic building

Expanded Home Folder for Students

Mac Lab coming in new academic building


Application for Employment form (fillable PDF?)

information on Student Technology Helpdesk position (salary, hours, etc)

How to use Campus Computers

Home Folder

GSC Menu

Shared Class Files




Suggested topics?

Inaccurate information?



Student Contributions?

Student Technology Helpdesk Staff

Helpdesk Staff Profiles

Contact Information

Contact Us

Phone number



link twitter to facebook, so that only updating facebook is required

About Us

Mission Statement

Computer Buying Guide

Anti-Piracy Awareness

Sites for legal free music, software, and movies.

Sites for public domain images and music.


How to access your flash/usb drive

Programming Tutorials

JavaScript and Client-Side Programming

Useful for ITEC (Web Design) classes and Computer Science classes.

(X)HTML, CSS, and Web Design

Useful for ITEC (Web Design) and Computer Science classes.

PHP and Server-Side Programming

Useful for ITEC (Web Design) Classes.

MySQL and Database Design

Useful for ITEC (Database Design) classes.

Creating and Configuring a WAMP/WIMP/LAMP Server

Somewhat useful for ITEC classes.