Developmental Differences Between Genders

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Developmental Differences Between Genders by Mind Map: Developmental Differences Between Genders

1. Males

1.1. Not Much Difference in Self-Esteem from Females

1.2. Uses Maslow's Hierarchy of Need

1.3. Less Affected by What Others Say About Them

2. Females

2.1. Not Much Difference in Self-Esteem from Males

2.2. More Susceptible to Depression

2.3. Develop Self-Worth Based on Feedback

3. Males

3.1. Higher in Emotional Stability and Dominance

3.2. Personalities are 82 % Alike

3.3. Much More Vigilant and Rule Consciousness

4. Males

4.1. Only 40% of University Graduates in 2006

4.2. Majority in Fields Such as Math and Science

4.3. In Foreign Countries, Expected to Make the Income

4.4. Higher Employment Rate

5. Females

5.1. More University Graduates in 2006

5.2. Earn Less and Have Lower Employment Rate

5.3. Majority in Fields Such as Teaching and Art

5.4. In Foreign Countries, Expected to Raise Kids

6. Females

6.1. English and Writing

6.2. Language and Fine Motor Skills

6.3. Uses Cerberal Cortex for Problem Solving

7. Males

7.1. Math and Geometry

7.2. Less Anxious and Efficious

7.3. Lag Behind Females in Motor Development

7.4. Uses Hippocampus for Problem Solving

8. Brain Development

9. Self-Esteem

10. Personality

10.1. Female

10.1.1. Higher in Sensitivity and Warmth

10.1.2. Personalities are 82% Alike

10.1.3. Higher in Apprehension and Tension

11. Education