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WazzNow by Mind Map: WazzNow

1. Users

1.1. Choose Category IPL/Programs etc

1.1.1. User will be added to the  Stadium section (Users who is the part of that category) Important Note:- By Default this section would be selected. User will be able to send messages Note: After writing a message on Stadium user is asked to signup so that he is known before writing a message on open forum. Info i.e. FirstName, Last Name, Phone number Canned Messages Send Messages Text, Images, URL's Share Images

1.1.2. House Party (Instance of category) User will be able to send messages Send Messages Text, Images, URL's

1.2. Invite Friends

1.2.1. by Phone Contacts (We can use name for mapping with their number)

1.2.2. App Friends (who are using the app currently)

1.2.3. by WhatsApp

1.2.4. Invite Manually by entering the user's name then user will joins the on boarding section by just asking the nick name.

1.3. Join an Invite

1.3.1. Invite Link URL  is created which is specific to the invitor alone Once user taps on that URL then he/she will be able to joins the houseparty with name visible to the invitor The invitor as what is in his contact list and vice a versa or just by asking the user in the onboading screen

1.4. Register/Signup

1.4.1. we will register any user by their mobile device id only

1.5. Watch/Mute Subject

1.6. View Commentary till now

2. Rule Engine

2.1. Change subject

2.1.1. When the next episode/instalment of the subject starts ~ change of subject for the user

2.2. Send Push Notifications

2.2.1. 15 mins before start of event, Watch/Mute push, only when min x users in stadium

2.2.2. After Match Result

2.3. Sound Wave

2.3.1. invokes the push notification

3. Scenario

3.1. Two users send the invite for HouseParty the invite which is accepted first the invitor becomes the host.

4. Commentator

4.1. Send interesting text  and message

4.2. • Send interesting gifs and images