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1. Emissions

1.1. Reducing carbon emissions for all of Kingston

2. Waste

2.1. Organics + downtown businesses - restaurants green bin!

2.2. Track the waste/recycles of big businesses - P.S. they don't recycle

2.3. Improve waste managemet facilities & recycling and compost better = zero waste Kingston

2.4. Organic recycling for higher apartment buildings

2.5. Recycling programs for businesses

2.6. Cost effective organics collection for businesses

3. Buildings

3.1. Promote green roofs

3.2. Buildings consume 40% of all energy - Action on sustainable development

3.3. Get the building department to see the light and support innovative, efficient building science. Tax breaks would be awesome…

3.4. Create affordable housing (and be green at the same time) by encouraging low energy buildings that cost less to operate.

3.5. The City needs low income housing and has certain neighbourhoods needing development. Thus: Build low energy housing (passive house) that cost very little to heat or cool. In short, get the city to build low-energy housing in reclaimed neighbourhoods.

3.6. Provide information about toxic materials in construction

4. Natural Systems

4.1. Find out what's within our control in Kingston to improve air quality.

4.2. Hydroponis & Aquaponics

5. Transportation

5.1. Infrastructure to support all forms of active transportation

5.2. Solar roadways

6. Land Use

6.1. Downtown intensification - residential

6.2. Higher density - medium rise (6 - 10 storey) intensification

7. Education and Research

7.1. Research and explore climate action changes around the world. Especially those that are successful.

7.2. Promote education in the schools

8. Energy

8.1. Net-metering

8.2. Energy audits

8.3. Make it easy to track energy use

9. Other

9.1. Consider collective interest vs. individual $ gain re: bylaws and planning