Baby On The Way! Let's Get Ready!

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Baby On The Way! Let's Get Ready! by Mind Map: Baby On The Way!  Let's Get Ready!

1. ...While Pregnant

1.1. Daddy Care

1.1.1. Work Paternal Leave FSA Allocations for Baby-Related Costs

1.2. Mommy Care

1.2.1. Bedding Mattresses Contour Body Pillows

1.2.2. Clothing Undergarments Maternity Bras Pajamas Casual/Dress Clothes Dresses Blouses Skirts Pants Exercise Clothes Shoes Walking/Workout Shoes Casual Shoes Formal Shoes

1.2.3. Body Care Nursing Pads Nipple Butter Stretch Mark Body Lotion/Cream

1.2.4. Emotional Care Diner Dates Massages "Babymoon"

1.2.5. Exercise Go for Walks Pregnancy Workout Videos Pregnancy Exercises

1.2.6. Birth Care Child Birth Classes Bradley Method Birth Class Hypno Birthing Doula/Birthing Assistant - (Avg. Cost $800-$1000) Birth Plan Sample Birth Plans (See Attachements)

1.3. Baby Care

1.3.1. Clothing Undergarments Diapers Socks Bedtime Clothing "Onesies" Bodysuits Side Snap T-Shirts Footed Pajamas One-Piece etc. Outer Clothing Outfiits Outerwear Hats Jackets Sweaters Additional Baby Bibs Swaddling Blankets

1.3.2. Furniture Bassinet Crib Changing Table Dresser Rocking Chair Tummy-Time Pillow Baby Dirty Clothes Hamper Dirty Diapers Container Cloth Diapers Disposable Diapers

1.3.3. Equipment or Tools Baby Tracking & Baby Care Apps Sprout • Pregnancy Eseentials Sprout • Pregnancy Journal Sprout • Baby Baby Monitor Breast Pump Baby Bathtub Cloth Diapers Equipment Diaper Sprayer

1.3.4. Body Care Bottles Baby Thermometer Teething Aids Teething Ring Wipes Essential Oils Baby Rash Cream Body Wash/Shampoo Body Lotion Baby Nasal Aspirator Baby Q-Tips Baby Nail Clippers Baby Nail File Cotton Balls Baby Brush Baby Comb Burp Cloths Cloth Diaper Cloth Diaper Detergent Amber Teething Necklace

1.3.5. Learning Toys Puzzles Books Soft Animals Activity Mat iOS Apps Montessorium

1.3.6. Travel Diaper Bag Car Seat Car Seat Safety Reference Site Stroller Baby Carrier Baby Carrier Resource

1.4. Home Care

1.4.1. Electrical Outlet Plugs

1.4.2. Baby Gates for Stairs

1.4.3. Baby Proofing Cabinets

1.4.4. Disposable Cups, Plates, and Silverware

1.4.5. [Addn'l Baby Proofing Items...]

1.5. Mommy and Daddy Learning

1.5.1. Financial Education Programs Financial Peace University Financial Peace Junior

1.5.2. Books on Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Caring for Baby The Sears Parenting Library The Baby Book The Simple Guide to Having a Baby The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Husband-Coached Childbirth Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

1.5.3. Books on Marriage The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Why You Do the Things You Do

1.5.4. Books on Child Raising Boundaries with Kids Loving Your Child Too Much And Baby Makes Three Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

1.6. Celebration

1.6.1. Baby Shower Pre-Baby Shower Location Reservations Travel Coordination Event Coordination Food Reservations Invitations Baby Shower Post-Baby Shower

2. ...During Birth

2.1. Mommy Care

2.1.1. Birth!

3. ...Postpartum

3.1. Daddy Care

3.1.1. Work Paternal Leave Leave days are to be covered by Annual Leave hours. Update Benefits FSA Allocation (if applicable) Health Insurance Coverage Life Insurance

3.2. Mommy Care

3.2.1. Exercise

3.3. Baby Care

3.3.1. Future Developmental Learning Products (e.g. Toys, Books, Tools, Activities, etc.)

3.3.2. Baby Sign Language Baby Signs

3.3.3. Moment Capturing Shutter Fly Baby Scrap Booking

3.4. Celebration

3.4.1. "Welcome Home!" Get Together

3.5. Future Planning

3.5.1. Education Planning Pre-School Elementary School Middle School High School College (Undergraduate)

3.5.2. Planning for Next Child

3.5.3. Cost Saving for Next Child