Visible Learning for Teachers

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Visible Learning for Teachers by Mind Map: Visible Learning for Teachers

1. Chapter 2-  The source of the ideas

1.1. Visible teaching and learning occurs when

1.1.1. learning is the explicit and transparent goal

1.1.2. when it's challenging

1.1.3. the teacher and student try to find out whether the goal achieved and to what degree

1.1.4. deliberate practice for mastery of the goal

1.1.5. the teacher gives feedback and the student seeks feedback

1.1.6. active, passionate, and engaging people participate in learning

1.1.7. teachers see learning through the eyes of their students

1.1.8. students see teaching as the key to learning

1.2. Greatest effects on learning occur when

1.2.1. teachers become learners of their own teaching know to possess an appropriate mind frame and combine it with the appropriate actions to create a positive learning effect need to be aware of which teaching strategies are working are prepared to adapt to the learners and their situations, context, and prior learning make learning an open, forthright, enjoyable experience

1.2.2. students become their own teachers possess self regulatory attributes such as: self monitoring, self-evaluation, self-assessment, self-teaching

2. Chapter 1- Visible learning inside

2.1. Compares the hardware, software, and 'Intel Inside' of a computer to the programs, resources, and attributes of schools

2.1.1. Software-The programs in schools

2.1.2. Hardware- The buildings and resources in schools

2.1.3. Intel Inside- The core attributes that make schools succesful

2.2. The 'visible' aspect refers to

2.2.1. Making student learning visible

2.2.2. clear identification of what makes a visible difference to student learning

2.2.3. Everyone in school visibly knowing their impact on the learning in the school

2.2.4. Making teaching visible to the students so that they learn to become their own teachers

2.3. The 'learning' aspect refers to

2.3.1. How we go about learning, understanding, and doing something about student learning

3. Chapter 3-  Teachers: the major players in the education process

3.1. Expert teachers

3.1.1. are able to recognize the best way to teach their subject

3.1.2. are skilled at creating a climate that is best for learning

3.1.3. monitor learning and provide feedback

3.1.4. believe all students can succeed

3.1.5. have the ability to have a positive influence on student outcomes

3.2. Expert vs. Experienced

3.2.1. Expert had a greater degree of challenge to the tasks they set

3.2.2. Expert had deeper understanding of the content they taught

3.2.3. surface level achievement outcomes were similar

3.2.4. Students of expert teachers experience deeper level of understanding while students of experienced non-expert teachers experience more of a surface level of understanding

3.3. The inspired teacher

3.3.1. discovers the pathways to solving instructional problems interpreting events in progress being sensitive to context monitoring learning testing hypothesis demonstrating respect being passionate about teaching and learning helping students with understanding complex material