Introduction to Multimedia

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Introduction to Multimedia by Mind Map: Introduction to Multimedia

1. Multi & Media

1.1. Multi

1.1.1. Plural, more than 1, many

1.2. Media

1.2.1. Medium of communication Storage channel or tool Store info or data Transmission channel or tool deliver info or data

2. Content forms

2.1. Text

2.2. Audio

2.3. Still images

2.4. Animation

2.5. Video

2.6. Interactivity

3. Linear VS Nonlinear

3.1. Linear

3.1.1. Project not interactive Ex : presentation slides,        storyline movie,            animation video

3.2. Nonlinear

3.2.1. User given navigational control Ex : website, google search engine, DVD menu screen

3.2.2. An interactive multimedia called HYPERMEDIA

4. Hypertext VS Hypermedia

4.1. Hypertext

4.1.1. Text contains links to other text

4.2. Hypermedia

4.2.1. Not constrained to be text-based Ex : graphics, images, sound and video

5. Applications of Multimedia

5.1. Business

5.1.1. Presentations, training, marketing, advertising, product demos, catalogs, instant messaging, and networked communication

5.2. Schools

5.2.1. Developed education software to enrich learning process

5.3. E-learning

5.3.1. Use computers and technology as vehicle for knowledge exchange

5.4. Home

5.4.1. Reach to television sets or monitors with built-in user inputs.

5.5. Public places

5.5.1. Stand-alone terminals or kiosks provide info and help.

5.6. Virtual reality (VR)

5.6.1. Replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user's physical presence and environment allow user interaction Ex : Goggles, helmets, special gloves

6. Primary delivery methods of multmedia

6.1. Compact disc read-only (CD-ROM)

6.1.1. Contains up to 80 minutes audio & software data

6.2. Compact disc Rewritable (CD-RW)

6.2.1. Written, read arbitrarily many times, erased and written again

6.3. Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)

6.3.1. Sharp and detailed video resolution Single layered is 4.7GB Multilayered is 17GB

6.4. Blue-ray Disc

6.4.1. Supersede standard DVD format Single layered is 25GB Dual layered is 50GB

6.5. Flash / Thumb drives

6.5.1. Integrated with USB

6.5.2. Typically removable and rewritable

6.5.3. Replace CD or DVD technologies Faster speed Smaller size More capacity Does not require moving part

6.6. The broadband Internet

6.6.1. Transmitting multimedia content

6.6.2. Wide array of multimedia resources & learning materials