Case Study - Allison

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Case Study - Allison by Mind Map: Case Study - Allison

1. Possible challenges

1.1. May face problems during lessons when she cannot hear the teacher

1.2. Might be excluded from group activities / difficulty with group discussions due to receptive & productive vocabulary

1.3. Deprived of social interactions

1.4. Might have problems with receptive & expressive language

2. How to overcome?

2.1. Speak slowly

2.2. Use of technology

2.3. Have a note taker

2.4. Promote awareness to surrounding students

3. Benefits & Limitations

3.1. Benefits & Limitations

3.1.1. She already has early intervention services

3.1.2. She already has a hearing aid

3.1.3. She has IEP - Individualized Education Plan

3.1.4. EI might be insufficient

3.1.5. Attending a non-specialized school - putting her in a typical environment yet there is lack of appropriate facilities & materials / not catered to the hearing impaired

4. Nature of Loss & Causes

4.1. Bilateral conductive hearing loss

4.2. Considered mild - moderate (above 40dB)

4.3. Caused by repeated and severe ear infections during early childhood & infancy

4.4. Affects hearing of sounds across all frequencies detected by human ear