Integrating Information Technology in Key Stage 3 Curriculum

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Integrating Information Technology in Key Stage 3 Curriculum by Mind Map: Integrating Information Technology in Key Stage 3 Curriculum

1. Web 2.0

1.1. Social networking sites

1.1.1. Facebook Group discussion Collaborative learnig

1.2. Wikis

1.2.1. Vocabulary building

1.3. Google Document

1.3.1. Real-time online communication Enable teachers & students to communicate, collaborate and share work

2. Flipped Learning

2.1. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class tine is devoted to exercise, projects, or discussions.

2.1.1. Help students learn actively

3. "Bring-your-own-device" (BYOD)

3.1. With the continuous reduction in the cost of mobile computing devices, BYOD has become common in the higher education sector and is being practised in some schools

3.1.1. Savings from the maintenance of desktop computers, as well as the servers can be used to buy cloud computing services

4. Information Literacy

4.1. Information Literacy Framework (Section 3.3 p.18)

4.1.1. School-based implementation of the information literacy framework 1. IT/library lesson coordinating 2. Curriculum infusion 3. Project-based learning

4.1.2. +ve Develop students' knowledge and attitudes for information processing Help students' to develop the capacity for lifelong learning

5. E-textbook or Electronic resources (please refer to The Fourth Strategy on IT in Education - Action 2)

5.1. Digital resources on HKEdCity

5.1.1. Guide and support teachers

5.1.2. Encourage continuing sharing and collaboration among teachers

5.2. Support specific and diversified learning needs

5.3. Enriching the pool of high quality and readily available e-learning resources for use by both teachers and students.

5.4. EDB One-Stop Portal

6. Learning Management System

6.1. Learning portal

6.2. E-Learning platfrom

6.2.1. Encourage students to learn independently and collaboratively. (Self-directed learning/ personalized learning)

6.2.2. Promoting assessment for/as learning

6.3. Intranet