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teachers and computers and the relationship between them by Mind Map: teachers and computers and the relationship between them
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teachers and computers and the relationship between them

don't know how to use computers

If they did, they would probably be making more money...

don't know how to gather assigned work

email is a poor choice for lots of reasons: see my notes on how to run a course by email

don't have computers or internet or both at home

don't know how to evaluate the work effectively

regex is beyond many

few teachers percieve the evil of paper

time handling paper

pushing around

repetition of tasks

space / weight requirements

paper requires trays



file cabinets

few teachers know how to use the keyboard for rapid fire feedback tagging

few tools specifically for teachers

not a very proactive market despite its huge size

teachers don't spend a lot of money on software

few to no rewards for doing better

enormous issue of pay for performance

I'd happily take pay for performance if I could choose my students, vetted for interest, vetted for support from the family, history of higher education, vetted for insulation against environmental variables, two parent family, steady income, no history of, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, abuse period, thoroughly tested to know exactly where the strengths and weakness lay, full access to support services and training and tutoring facitlies to fill in any gaps, small class size so that I could nearly garantee 100% success of all students

not going to happen except in the most elite of private schools

so why become more efficient?

love of the students

love of the job

desire to do better

how long does this last faced with all of the other variables that get in the way?

few developers for educational applications or tools

not sexy

little percieved market because teachers are not very computer savvy in general...

teachers went into teaching for 'people' not machines... many teachers will leave because of the inefficiencies of the people because they don't know how to use the machines to relieve the secretarial pushing paper tasks that drain people of interest and the desire to be creative. I've no evidence, just hunches. The turnover in the teaching profession is very high...