5th Grade Lang and Skills Development for ESL

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5th Grade Lang and Skills Development for ESL by Mind Map: 5th Grade Lang and Skills Development for ESL

1. Dennis Daniels

2. Record your story

2.1. remember to make lots of little recordings

2.2. start > all programs > accessories> entertainment> voice recording

2.3. Use the story as the foundation for their game in Gamemaker

2.4. Tell the story of what your game will do to your mother.

2.5. Create a simple power point presentation

2.6. Add the sound to the first slide of your presentation

2.7. Add a drawing

2.7.1. represent mother Mother: students less likely to tell inappropriate stories

2.7.2. represent self

2.8. Skills

2.8.1. computing PPT Adding sound Adding slides advanced adding drawings using line tools adding callouts

2.8.2. language story telling dialog transcribing the story

2.9. teacher considerations

2.9.1. skills will be all over the map

2.9.2. have the more skilled students help the others

2.9.3. students don't understand the volume control on the computer or on the headphone mic set

2.9.4. file save as is very difficult for most

2.9.5. file new is very difficult for most

2.9.6. adding sounds to PPT

2.9.7. easier: use Paint and copy and paste? considering using Squeak and this will cause some grief with ESL students