School Analysis

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School Analysis by Mind Map: School Analysis

1. School Needs

1.1. There is more technology than training

1.2. School is creating a new School Improvement Plan (SIP)

1.3. School implementing the Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS)

1.4. Redefining Curriculum and Prioritizing Standards

2. Performance Needs

2.1. Staff must master the content they teach and create materials

2.2. Student technology use should be an active process

2.3. Teacher lessons must adapt to student data

2.4. Performance data must be shared, normed, and fully analyzed

3. Training Needs

3.1. Differentiated Instruction through Technology

3.1.1. Canvas (Learning Management System) to create content

3.1.2. Canvas to deliver and analyze assessments

3.2. Mathematics Intervention Strategies

3.3. Small content groups to prioritize standards

4. Individual Needs

4.1. Content must be modeled for staff

4.2. Instructional Technology Facilitator coaching

4.3. Title 1 Math & Reading Specialist coaching

4.4. Participate in PD sessions