BND Project Plan

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BND Project Plan by Mind Map: BND Project Plan

1. Technology & measurement

1.1. Finalize templates for weekly tracking by

1.1.1. Attendance

1.1.2. Issue tracking

1.2. Surveys

1.2.1. Select survey instruments (digital vs. online)

1.2.2. Finalize baseline survey

1.2.3. Select survey questions for each 2 weeks

1.2.4. Program all surveys

1.3. Activity tracking

1.3.1. Select activity tracker, software and goals

1.3.2. Purchase 200 trackers

1.3.3. Program trackers

1.4. Communications platform

1.4.1. Determine if texting is viable

1.4.2. If so, figure out programs that can text

1.4.3. Event management for alumni

2. BND

2.1. Stakeholders for cultivating referrals

2.1.1. Meet w/ medical directors and social worker management

2.1.2. Meet key physician providers

2.1.3. Present to life coach and social worker staff

2.2. Data prep & site selection

2.2.1. Create file layout

2.2.2. Prepare ShareFile

2.2.3. Buy laptop and encrypt

2.2.4. BND transfers over member files

2.2.5. Analyze data for geographic clustering

2.2.6. Separate out contact info from PHI

2.3. Customer service / Account mgmt

2.3.1. Get a dedicated phone support line

2.3.2. Create template for weekly implementation

2.3.3. Create template for a monthly report

3. Recruitment

3.1. Drafting communications

3.1.1. Draft mailers for kick-off events (and get approval)

3.1.2. Draft phone script for kick-off event invites (and get approval)

3.1.3. Draft emails for kick-off event & drip campaign

3.1.4. Draft FAQ

3.1.5. Improve pledge form

3.2. Communication execution

3.2.1. Remove channel conflict Find a CRM system or google docs that tracks which participants have responded to avoid over utilizations of resources & annoyance

3.2.2. Referrals Distribute fliers in provider offices Talk to social workers to get participants

3.2.3. Note on order: ideal order would be referrals, email, mailers, then call center. Depending on time constraints, may need to launch simultaneously.

3.2.4. Email Program lists and language options Program in drip campaign Ensure that email marketing solution can remove people who've already responded via another channel

3.2.5. Mailers Research shop for printing and mailing Print up to 4,000 pieces of collateral * 2 campaigns Understand what can be printed on the postcard

3.2.6. Calls Figure out what languages we need Research call center option with Gus May need up to 160 days of calling (4k calls @ 5% acceptance)  - could temp hire 10-15 callers (or phone bank staffed by WiderCircle alumni)?

3.3. Reminders

3.3.1. Setup text message reminders

3.3.2. Setup email reminders

3.3.3. Setup call reminders

4. Coaching

4.1. Setup hiring system

4.1.1. Post test listing on Craigslist Long Beach

4.1.2. Select ATS tool

4.1.3. Define competency matrix

4.1.4. Go live with online application process

4.1.5. Talk to 5 religious organizations

4.1.6. Test different job boards/social media/local advertising & posting

4.1.7. Decide on payment and contract structure

4.2. Hiring blast for target cities

4.2.1. Liaise with local organizations

4.2.2. Complete online/offline postings

4.2.3. Milestone: receive 70 applicants

4.2.4. Get referrals from top applicants

4.2.5. Screen top 12 candidates

4.2.6. Make 4 offers

4.3. Training

4.3.1. Complete 15 page training guide

4.3.2. Plan 1 day training

4.3.3. Plan a nice dinner (and/or fun activity) for the coaches

4.3.4. Fly down and train coaches + fun activity

4.3.5. Have coaches attend kick-off events

4.3.6. WiderCircle individual will attend all initial group meetings

5. Localization

5.1. Meeting spaces

5.1.1. Reach out to friendly LA County parks & recreation (starting with Liliana)

5.1.2. Get a directory of all of the Parks & Recreation Directors in LA county

5.1.3. Draft a case study (1-2 pager) on benefits to RWC from WiderCircle

5.1.4. Brainstorm alternative meeting space ideas

5.1.5. When likely geographies are selected, get intros to key parks & rec directors

5.2. Kick-off events

5.2.1. Research regional pizza chains

5.2.2. Research other small businesses

5.2.3. When geo's selected, contact local businesses for best dates/times & pricing

5.3. Transportation

5.3.1. Research free transport in Long Beach

5.3.2. Research paid transport in Long Beach

5.3.3. Brainstorm organizations that may have a driver + van and idle time

5.3.4. Research leasing a van + driver

5.3.5. Figure out how to reimburse able people in group for transportation

5.3.6. Deliver pricing and flexibility for a rural option (tbd) vs. suburban (i.e. Long Beach)

5.4. Curriculum

5.4.1. Continue to get program feedback from Casa

5.4.2. Test new curriculum formats with RWC2 group

5.4.3. When geo's selected, research mobilization options

5.4.4. When geo's selected, lock down meeting space time availability (will impact group time slots)

5.4.5. May be able to have coaches help with new ideas for locations, visiting / taking pictures of places, etc.

5.4.6. Historic routes in zip codes

5.4.7. Health district & CPR code

5.4.8. Community calendars