Main Concepts

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Main Concepts by Mind Map: Main Concepts

1. Particular Understandings of Reproduction Demonstrated through Abortion Activism

2. To Examine How American Concepts of Gender are Being Rewritten by Female Activists through Narratives and Movements

3. Nurturance

4. Right to Life Activists vs. Pro-Choice Activists

5. Points

5.1. 1981 1st center to publicly offer abortions opens in Fargo, North Dakota

5.1.1. Right-to-life group formed immediately Pro-choice group then formed to counteract R2L group

5.2. Tied female life cycle transitions to central philosophical questions of each side

5.2.1. "Karl Mannheim underscores the importance of this nexus between the individual life cycle and rapidly changing historical conditions in understanding generational shifts in the formation of political consciousness and social movements." p.237-8

5.3. American concepts of gender transformed through activism

5.4. Procreation Stories

5.4.1. Stories from 21 right to life activists and 14 pro-choice activists "appropriate to use life stories as text in which abortion is a key symbol around which activists are interpreting and reorienting their lives"

5.5. Right to Life Activists

5.5.1. Born in 1920s and 50s, felt mothers were uniquely qualified and most left work to raise their child, came from a mostly similar slightly privileged background

5.6. Pro-choice Activists

5.6.1. Born in 1940s, from a wide range of backgrounds, felt they were "awakened from a life of motherhood" "For almost all, the strong commitment to pro-choice activism was connected to specific life-cycle events." p.239