My Standards vs ISTE

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My Standards vs ISTE by Mind Map: My Standards vs ISTE

1. Differences

1.1. Model digital citizenship and responsibility

1.1.1. Digital citizenship isn't a huge concern of mine because learners will not be asked to complete projects and assignments

1.1.2. Responsibility however is a different story. I will model responsibility and safety in my teaching.

2. Likeness

2.1. Similar in facilitating student learning

2.1.1. I value real world aplication, and having learners question differing views

2.2. Use of digital tools to assess and measure

2.2.1. I will use tools such as computers to create workouts, show models, and increase student learning and understanding.

2.2.2. Assess at the correct level

2.3. Model digital-age work

2.3.1. I am committed to fluency and knowledge in my teaching area This will rub off on my learners

2.4. Professional growth and leadership

2.4.1. I am very concerned with being up-to-date on views and theories within strength and conditioning. I also like to share the information I gain through the use of social networking and professional development resources