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My PLN by Mind Map: My PLN

1. My PLN inspires me to try new ideas that may or may not have been used in my district before. There are many different facets to my PLN from online down to publications. The ideas that I have gotten from reading twits, books, and conferences, has allowed me to connect more with my staff last year as they continued their journey of a 1:1 site. This year my PLN is allowing me to connect to other sites as a Project Facilitator. My PLN allows me to start to see that I don't always want to be in a district office position but expand my horizons to a job where I can help all district staff members integrate technology into their jobs.

2. Professional Organizations

2.1. CUE

2.2. ISTE

2.3. TICAL

2.4. ACSA

3. Online

3.1. Twitter

3.1.1. @MindShiftKQED

3.1.2. @MeldrumKim

3.1.3. @CommonSenseEd

3.1.4. @breakoutEDU

3.1.5. @tsschmidty

3.1.6. @edutopia

3.1.7. @burgessdave

3.1.8. @ShakeUpLearning

3.2. View From the Edge via

4. Certification/Education

4.1. LEC Administrator

4.2. LEC PLL

4.3. Educational Technology Certification

4.4. Google Educator Level 1 & 2

4.5. District Trainings

5. Conferences

5.1. AVID Summer Institute

5.2. Google Summit

5.3. ISTE

5.4. CUE Rock Star Camp

6. Publications

6.1. ON CUE

6.2. Leadership

6.3. Tech & Learning

6.4. Professional Reading

6.4.1. courageous EDVENTURES

6.4.2. EMPOWER

6.4.3. Innovator's Mindset

6.4.4. The HyperDoc Handbook

6.4.5. Growth Mindset in the Classroom

6.4.6. The ESSENTIAL 55

6.4.7. Teach Like a Pirate

6.4.8. Ditch That Homework (future reading)