Chinese Han

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Chinese Han by Mind Map: Chinese Han

1. Confucianism

1.1. Patriarchal Social Order

1.1.1. Men Junzi Gentlemen

1.1.2. Women Help men become Junzi Loss of identity Loss of autonomy

2. 1949 Trends

2.1. One Child Policy

2.1.1. Families may only retain one child males usually kept females orphaned

2.2. Chinese Communist Party

2.2.1. CCP

2.2.2. Attempts to eliminate ancestor worship

2.3. Prohibited

2.3.1. Child marriage marriage before the age of 18 typically underage girls married to older males

2.3.2. Concubinage ongoing sexual relationship without intent/ability for marriage

3. Ethnic Groups

3.1. The Dai

3.1.1. typically farmers

3.1.2. Live in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture

3.2. The Lahu

3.2.1. Mostly live in Lai Chau Province

3.2.2. referred to as Muso hunter

3.2.3. Polytheistic religion belief in multiple dieties

3.3. The Mosuo

3.3.1. small group

3.3.2. Live in Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces

3.3.3. "last matrillineal society"