Gender, Kinship and the Family in China

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Gender, Kinship and the Family in China by Mind Map: Gender, Kinship and the Family in China

1. Chinese Han Culture

1.1. Confucianism – contributes to patriarchal social order that places women inferior to men

1.2. Goal of men is to become junzi (gentleman)

1.3. Goal of women is to help men

2. The Dai People

2.1. Flower Ball - cultural event in which young males and females meet and (usually) end up getting married.

2.1.1. Males stand in front of the female they desire most and then throw a ball of flowers to them.

2.2. Romance and ideas of fate very dominant in this culture.

3. The Lahu People

3.1. Males in mid - late teens marry females in early - mid teens.

3.2. New husbands move in with new wife's family for a few years to provide new family labor,

3.3. New husbands provide labor as dowry for their bride.

4. Post 1949 Chinese Culture

4.1. One child limit per family to cut down population

4.2. Attempts to eliminate ancestor worship

4.3. Child marriage and concubinage prohibited

5. The Mosou People

5.1. Women have power to choose men.

5.2. "Serial Monogomy" - women have multiple partners throughout life, but never more than one at a time.

5.3. Even when in long term relationships, men never live with women's family, they always go back to their home.