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The Animals Save the Planet by Mind Map: The Animals Save the Planet
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The Animals Save the Planet

Leopards Hate Litter

"Don't you just hate it when someone else's rubbish ruins your lunch break."

Recycle your rubbish.

Gassy Cows

"The more meat we eat, the more cows there are producing greenhouse gases."

Eat a healthy balanced diet.

Energy Efficient Penguin

"Energy saving bulbs use one fifth of the energy of ordinary bulbs."

Use energy saving light bulbs.

Lions Recycle

"If animals can recycle, so can we."

Recycle all you can.

Elephant Shower

"Perhaps it might be nicer to think of others before you use up all the water."

Use only the water you need.

Meerkat Traffic

"I think we can all agree, cycling produces no carbon emissions and it's good for you."

Cut your emissions.

Supermarket Bags

"We can all bring our own bags when we go shopping."

Avoid using plastic bags.

Dog On Standby

"What we leave on standby not only produces greenhouse gases but can also keep some of us awake at night."

Turn off what you don't use.

Romancing The Bag

"Do give a thought to where our rubbish goes."

Use biodegradable products.

Polar Bears Overheating

"Is your heating turned up too high?"

Insulate your home.

Electric Eels

"Definitely not a couple of bright sparks."

Don't waste energy.