Active Learning

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Active Learning by Mind Map: Active Learning



1.1.1. Specific to Student needs

1.1.2. Meaningful to students

1.1.3. Significant/related to students' lives

1.1.4. Relationship-building

1.1.5. open-ended questions/assessments

1.1.6. Everyone learns differently, so there needs to be more than one way to teach and assess material

1.2. actively engaging in the learning process.

1.3. Genuinely interested in a topic

1.4. Curiosity is boosted

1.5. Questions are asked

1.6. Attentive and engaged in conversation

1.7. Intrinsic motivation is strengthened

1.7.1. motivation that comes from within

1.7.2. you are in charge of your own success

1.7.3. persistence and willingness to work

1.7.4. goals you set and achieve for your own personal gain

1.7.5. no one else can affect it


2.1. Passive engagement

2.1.1. Standard assignments

2.1.2. Straight from teacher's manual

2.1.3. Boring

2.1.4. Little to no retention

2.1.5. close-ended, only one right answer

2.1.6. No feedback or collaboration among peers

2.2. Only listening, no discussion

2.3. dictating what the teacher says

2.4. copying/memorizing information given

2.5. Not asking questions/collaborating

2.6. Extrinsic motivation only

2.6.1. only motivated by outside sources

2.6.2. must get a reward/benefit from someone else to be motivated to do it.

2.6.3. not entirely in your control

2.6.4. will drop off after a given amount of time, lose interest in the reason for the motivation