Force and Motion Integrated Unit

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Force and Motion Integrated Unit by Mind Map: Force and Motion Integrated Unit

1. Cross Curricular Integration

1.1. Math

1.1.1. TSW Measure distances traveled based on various variables.

1.2. Writing

1.2.1. TSW will complete science journals throughout the unit explaining different content and situations in the curriculum.

1.3. Technology

1.3.1. TSW interact with website where they will complete various activities and be exposed to texts, songs, videos, interactive sites, and games. They will also utilize technology during the STEM project in order to narrate the ramp and explain the science concepts involved.

1.4. Reading

1.4.1. TSW read various articles and efficiently make connections to content covered in class.

2. 5 Es of Science Instruction

2.1. Engage

2.1.1. Videos, KWL, Read -alouds, webquest

2.2. Explore

2.2.1. Car Ramp, Marshmallow Shooter, Roller Coaster Generator, STEM project

2.3. Explain

2.3.1. Book Share Group Work, Collaboration with Peers, final project writing

2.4. Evaluate

2.4.1. Graphic organizers, Rubrics, Science Journals, assessments

2.5. Elaborate

2.5.1. The final task of the web-quest allows students to elaborate on how the unit has been interconnected and display an overarching concept of their learning.

3. Inquiry Based Learning

3.1. roller coaster building allows students to design and build simultaneously while learning

3.2. STEM project

3.3. webquest exploration

3.4. group work exploration

4. Project Based Learning Environment

4.1. PBL is embodied in the STEM project

4.2. roller coaster activity

4.3. exploration through learning

4.4. hands on approach to real world problems and issues

5. Constructivist Approach

5.1. Non-traditional teaching methods (student-centered, teacher=facilitator, student collaboration)

5.2. hands-on experiences

5.3. STEM based activities

5.4. real world problem solving