21st Century Teaching & Learning

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21st Century Teaching & Learning by Mind Map: 21st Century Teaching & Learning

1. Technology

1.1. Maximize useful integration into the classroom

1.1.1. Use technology to promote higher level thinking use technology as a learning tool not just as entertainmnet

2. Content

2.1. Key Subjects

2.1.1. Promote learning beyond the information given.

2.2. 21st Century Themes

2.2.1. Integrated into key subjects

3. Collaboration

3.1. Starts with good communication

3.1.1. communication must be multi-directional

3.2. Teachers collaborating with other teachers

3.2.1. Professional Development

3.3. Collaborative Communities

3.3.1. Teachers collaborating with students

3.3.2. Students collaborating with other students

4. Assessment

4.1. Ongoing throughout lesson/unit

4.1.1. Both formal and informal

4.1.2. More emphasis on formative than summative

4.2. Clearly stated and public

4.3. Feedback should be immediate and constructive

4.4. Done by both teacher and fellow students