The Story of Stuff

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The Story of Stuff by Mind Map: The Story of Stuff

1. Extraction

1.1. 1/3 of natural resources gone

1.2. 40% of the water becomes undrinkable

1.3. less than 4% of the forest left.

1.4. 5% of US people use 30% of the world resources and create 30% of the waste

1.5. 75% of global fisher beyond the capacity

1.6. 80% of the planet’s originall forests are gone

1.6.1. ( Amazon we r losing 2000 trees minute, seven football fields a minute)

1.7. In this system, if you don’t own or buy any stuffs then you don’t have any value

2. Production ( material moved to here)

2.1. we should energy to make toxic chemicals in with natural resources toxic and hand contaminated products

2.2. we should energy to make toxic chemicals in with natural resources toxic and hand contaminated products

2.3. We don’t know the full impact of environment of this all toxic chemicals.

2.3.1. “ Toxic in, toxic out” If we keep using toxic energy, then we will bring them to our daily life. ( like B.F.R.s brominated flame retardants) toxic to the brain computer, pillow , they build up the food train.

2.4. human breast milk into baby gets toxic chemicals from their mothers

2.5. Factory worker get the most toxic chemicals

2.6. 4,000,000,000 LBS of Pollution a year in US.

2.7. Over 100,000 synthetic chemicals in use commerce today None of them tested for synthetic health impacts

3. Distribution ( a place to sell all the toxic chemicals as fast

3.1. lower down price of the product

3.2. lower down the salary of the employees and no health insurance

3.3. they externalized the truth cost of production

3.4. you don’t even pay for the stuff you buy

4. Consuming

4.1. suggest people to shop ( nation of consuming)

4.2. 99% of we buy is the trash within 6 months.

4.3. The American goal is producing more consumer goods

4.4. Two strategy to consume more

4.4.1. Planned Obsolescence Designed for the dump”) =>make us into useless everything. how fast can make things break and buy another new one

4.4.2. Perceived Obsolescence ( can throw stuffs which is perfectly useful) the look of the stuffs Fashion Advertisement plays big role on this All the things we have right now is wrong, we have to buy new things

4.5. Happiness

4.5.1. However, happiness is declining.

4.5.2. We have more stuff but less time to make our happy

4.5.3. ( less leisure time,

4.5.4. Watching TV and Shop. We work too much for buying a lot of things

4.6. We have a lot of garbage. landfill

4.7. Dioxin burn garbage Super

5. When ppl get this system and get united

5.1. we can build a community with a system of

5.2. sustainability

5.3. equity

5.4. Green chemistry

5.5. zero waste

5.6. closed loop production

5.7. renewable energy

5.8. local living economy