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DoubleClick Academy by Mind Map: DoubleClick Academy

1. DC Creative Studio

1.1. Why work in DC Creative Studio?

1.2. Advantages compared to other platforms?

1.3. What formats are available?

1.4. How much does it cost?

1.5. Dynamic creatives overview.

1.6. How to create rich media and dynamic creatives?

1.7. Guidelines for display creatives.

1.8. FBX Creatives.

1.9. How to do maximum work without involving designers and developers? When to involve them?

2. DC Search

2.1. General Overview

2.1.1. Why use DC Search?

2.1.2. What is DC Search? What does it do? Who are the clients? What are the cases?

2.1.3. How is it different from AdWords? Advantages/disadvantages compared to AdWords.

2.1.4. What is the difference between bidding in DC Search and in AdWords?

2.2. Campaigns

2.2.1. What search engines may be connected to DC Search?

2.2.2. Can we still manage campaigns in search engines (for instance, Google via AdWords interface?)

2.2.3. How to manage campaigns, which are running in different search engines?

2.2.4. How to integrate Yandex?

2.2.5. How to set Markup in DoubleClick Search?

2.2.6. Is there any opportunity to divide access to certain engines (for example, if some local search engines are managed by agencies)?

2.3. Cases and Performance

2.3.1. Performance strategies for DC Search.

2.3.2. Is there any possibility to integrate with non-Web interfaces (such as the measurment protocol in Google Analytics) for the transmission of Event from the software in the Analytics)?

2.3.3. Are there successful cases for ROI-oriented IT companies, and even better, for software companies?

3. DCM

3.1. DCM Overview

3.1.1. What is DCM? What does it do? Who are the clients? What are the cases?

3.1.2. Creatives vs. ads

3.1.3. Advantages compared to Gemius, adRiver? What is different? Economic advantages? Why pay so much?

3.1.4. Can an agency show the product to the client? Can an agency REFUSE showing product to the client?

3.1.5. How to set budget limit for an advertiser?

3.2. Trafficking and Tags

3.2.1. Tracking Options

3.2.2. Types of Tags

3.2.3. Track site served creatives

3.2.4. Floodlight Tags

3.2.5. Custom variables and Dynamic tags

3.3. Reporting

3.3.1. Reporting: list of URLs + duration and quality of placement?

3.3.2. Custom Reporting - options + rich dashboard reporting.

3.3.3. Cross-device reporting. Reports for mobile and video.

3.3.4. Smart TV Reporting

4. Opening Session

4.1. Transition to Programmatic

4.1.1. from PPC to Programmatic

4.1.2. How did European market and Big 6 agencies in Europe change with programmatic (numbers over the past few years)?

4.1.3. Organizational structure of an agency

4.2. DoubleClick  overview

4.2.1. About DoubleClick Products

4.2.2. +/- compared to AdWords

4.2.3. Integration with Local Services (Gemius)

4.2.4. Any e-commerce products?

4.3. Administration in Ukraine

4.3.1. Account opening

4.3.2. What is the price of Admixer fee when using "Admixer service"?

4.3.3. Payment options

4.4. Brand Policies

4.4.1. Strong alcohol

4.4.2. Beer

4.4.3. Gambling

4.4.4. Cigarettes

4.4.5. Medicine

5. DBM

5.1. Bid Manager First Day

5.1.1. Bid Manager Overview Intro to demand-side platform Why use RTB? What is DBM? What does it do? Who are the clients? What are the cases? Third-party ad-service and DCM How is it different from AdWords? Advantages/disadvantages compared to AdWords. How to start a campaign, depending on the goals? Invoice (what you pay?) Can an agency add its own fee for using DoubleClick products? Where can it be added?

5.1.2. Integration with DCM Add a floodlight in DCM to use in Bid Manager Add a Creative in DCM to use in Bid Manager Deals Private Preffered Programmatic Guaranteed

5.1.3. Campaign planning and management Start Budget Choose DoubleClick Product Set Up a Campaign Upload Creatives and Set Up Pixels Reporting Options Tracking options Set up blacklists and custom channels How fast does the DBM update new data in the reports? Campaign Strategies for insertion orders

5.1.4. Audience (targeting and frequency) How to set up segments in the line items? Firstly launch campaign, then make segments (depending on the results) or vice versa? How to create custom audience segments and divide them by devices? Strategies&Optimization Qualitative targeting and qualitative statistics of contractors and for the whole campaign: social-demographic, platforms, behavioral characteristics and their various combinations. Analyze both cookies and Internet users. How much time does it take for DBM to adjust to the new settings? How to optimize and change a short campaign (when there is no time to wait for changes)? Frequency Control? Control of the overall campaign frequency.

5.2. Bid Manager Second Day

5.2.1. Inventory and Third-party Data Current inventory. Opportunities to expand. Can local players with direct/fixed CPM deals be included? What's the model for buying FB inventory? CPC or CPM? Stop list of unwanted inventory? Third-party data - where to get it in Ukraine? Third-party data - how to get unsegmented data and to segment it on your own?

5.2.2. Remarketing Campaign + Cross-device Cross-Device Presentation available (sent from San-Francisco office) What is a  dynamic creative element? How to select a dynamic strategy? What is dynamic feed and how to create it? + validation Do I need a separate column for each dynamic element? Dynamic reporting What should I know about including different languages in the feed? Remarketing pixels. Macros supported by Bid Manager.

5.2.3. Bid Manager Video DBM TrueView - can we reach the user with the banner after he has watched the ad on YouTube? DBM TrueView - "This feature isn't available for network users of DoubleClick Bid Manager." Who are the network users? DBM TrueView - why does video fee for YouTube campaigns differ (4% instead of 13,5%)? DBM TrueView - more detailed info needed. DBM TrueView - Whether Trueview in Youtube placed via DCM refer to RichMedia and require additional surcharge?

5.2.4. Bid Manager Mobile We create 1 campaign for each device: PC, Tablet, Mobile. How to set up cross-platform display frequency per user and collect that into a database? For instance, someone watched Tablet + Mobile, someone just Mobile, someone on all devices, etc. Cross-platform interaction. A map of behaviour, which shows how a user switched between the devices. Smart TV - more detailed info needed. Separate and general planning for different platforms and applications (within a single campaign).