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Digital Assistant by Mind Map: Digital Assistant

1. All Employees

1.1. People Search

1.1.1. Who is Bill McDermott?

1.1.2. Where does Lisa Brown sit?

1.1.3. Contact Martin Lang

1.2. What's for Lunch

1.2.1. What's for Lunch today?

1.2.2. Lunch Menu?

1.3. Vacation

1.3.1. Vacation Balance?

1.3.2. Book Vacation

1.4. Conference Room

1.4.1. Reserve a conference room

1.5. Support Ticket

1.5.1. Create a ticket

1.6. Time Recording

1.6.1. Fill my timesheet

1.6.2. Enter my time

1.6.3. Record time

2. Sales

2.1. Show current quarter opportunities

2.2. Who is the main contact at <Walmart>?

2.3. Create activity for opportunity <opp_ID>

2.4. Update activity for opportunity <opp_ID>

2.5. What is quote status for opportunity <opp_ID>

2.6. What is the address for Account <account_name>

2.7. Does <customer_name> own product <Product Name>?

2.8. Update close date for opportunity <opp_ID> to 12/31/9999

2.9. Create Opportunity for Customer <customer_name> with a close date of <close_date> and a value of <value>

2.10. What address is Opportunity <opp_ID> assigned to?

2.11. What deal approval status is my Quote for <customer_name> in? Follow Up Question: Who is left to approve?

2.12. Add Partner to Opportunity <opp_ID>

2.13. Add Competitor to Opportunity <opp_ID>

2.14. Add Executive Sponsor to Opportunity <opp_ID>

2.15. Update Revenue Start date ( Cloud Deals )

2.16. Update Revenue End date ( Cloud Deals )

2.17. Update Opportunity Owner

2.18. Update Opportunity Status

2.19. Add BPRP 123

2.20. Show GAF 123 for opportunity <opp_ID>

2.21. Show all GAF for my Opps in Current Quarter

2.22. Show all DQ for my Opps in Current Quarter

2.23. Show all DQ for my Opps in the Next Quarter