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Entertainment by Mind Map: Entertainment

1. Indoor Activities

1.1. Television and Cinema

1.1.1. Films Animated Pixar Dreamworks Disney Live Action 20th Century Fox Marvel Columbia Lionsgate Channels Star Movies HBO

1.1.2. TV Shows Animated Anime Cartoons TV Series SitComs Action Drama Competitions

1.1.3. Radio and News ABS-CBN TV Patrol DZMM Umagang Kayganda GMA 24 Oras Unang Hirit

1.2. Gadgets

1.2.1. Computers Games MMO Offline Apps Spotify VLC Media Player Internet Browsers Hobbies

1.2.2. Consoles Nintendo Gameboy/DS/3DS Wii/Wii U Microsoft XBox/XBox One Sony Playstation 1/2/3/4 PSVita

1.2.3. Mobile Phones/Tablets Android Internet Mobile Games Apple iOS Internet Mobile Games Windows Phone Internet Mobile Games

1.3. Games

1.3.1. Board Games Scrabble Monopoly Mahjong

1.3.2. Card Games Solitaire Old Maid Poker Uno

1.3.3. Guessing Games Charades PANTS (Place, Animal, Name, Thing, Score)

1.4. Music

2. Outdoor Activities

2.1. Sports

2.1.1. Football

2.1.2. Soccer

2.1.3. Basketball

2.1.4. Tennis

2.1.5. Badminton

2.1.6. Swimming

2.2. Mobile Apps

2.2.1. GPS-based Games Ingress Pokemon Go

2.2.2. Maps Here Maps Google Maps

2.3. Recreation and Leisure

2.3.1. Photography

2.3.2. Picnicking and Camping

2.3.3. Hiking

2.3.4. Travelling

2.3.5. Window-shopping