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2Learn English by Mind Map: 2Learn English

1. English Speaking Course : Looking for a way to stop saying “um”, “er” & “ah” while speaking English? Here’s the way to improve your English. Visit 2learn-english.com and capitalize on our speaking courses and programs. Our courses consist of four parts – practical conversation with exercises, practices and communicative activities, practical listening tasks with interactive speaking activities and communication practice in paired “information gap” activities.For more information please visit us at http://2learn-english.com/products/copy-of-life-skills-level-1-skillsbook

2. ESL Games for Adults : Want to gain expertise in English? Then, take advantage of ESL (English as a Second Language) games for adult from 2learn-english.com and boost your knowledge. Our ESL program offer grammar exercises and activities in context, focusing on practical competency themes.For more information please visit us at http://connect.releasewire.com/company/2learn-english-109150.htm

3. English Second Language :Keen to learn English at a high level proficiency, but hesitate because you are non-native speaker? Don’t let your hesitation impact your progress. Learn how to conquer English in an easy way and less time with the help of English as a Second Language (ESL) program and skill books from 2learn-english.com.For more information please visit us at http://2learn-english.com/

4. ESL Grammar Lessons : Want freedom from the fear of making mistakes while writing or speaking English? Then, visit 2learn-english.com for ESL (English as a second language) grammar lessons and professionalize yourself. Our grammar skill books contain notes on specific grammar points that help you to answer questions and prevent errors and an answer key for all text exercises and test items.For more information please visit us athttp://ca-culver-city.cataloxy.com/firms/2learn-english.com.htm

5. ESL Worksheets for Adults : Looking for a simple, easy and interesting way to improve your adult students’ English learning abilities? Then, you should use ESL Worksheets for adults from 2learn-english.com. We have built a special collection of language learning tools for educators and learners that cover reading, writing, speaking and grammar.For more information please visit us at http://ebusinesspages.com/2Learn-English_dojgb.co

6. ESL Program : Looking for an effective program to kill hesitation and build confident while speaking and writing English? You are just a few clicks away from your proficiency. Visit 2learn-english.com and start your learning with our ESL (English as a Second Language) program.For more information please visit us at http://2learn-english.com/collections/life-skills-esl