Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson by Mind Map: Thomas Jefferson

1. Founding Father

1.1. 1775 - elected to the Continental Congress which organized resistance to British policies towards the colonies

1.2. Helped draft the Declaration of Independence along with four other committee members

2. Politician

2.1. Served as Governor of Virginia, 1779-1781

2.2. Vice President under John Adams, 1797-1801

3. Architect

3.1. Designed his home, Monticello, an architectural masterpiece

3.2. Designed the original buildings of the University of Virginia

4. Author

4.1. 1776 - Drafted the Declaration of Independence which officially declared independence for the American colonies from Great Britain

4.2. 1777 - Wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom which was made Virginia the first state to separate church and state

5. President

5.1. Served as the third President of the United States, 1801-1809

5.2. One of the biggest accomplished of his Presidency was the Louisiana Purchase (1803) which almost doubled the size of the United States

5.3. Sponsored the Lewis & Clark Expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory

6. Secretary of State

6.1. Thomas Jefferson served as Secretary of State under George Washington's presidency, 1790-1793

6.2. Famously battled with Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury, for his pro-British policies.