Road to the American Revolution

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Road to the American Revolution by Mind Map: Road to the American Revolution

1. French & Indian War

1.1. Taxes imposed on colonist to pay for British debt due to French & Indian War

2. Proclamation of 1763

2.1. King George III recognized Indians' right to the land

2.2. Didn't allow colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains

2.3. Colonists unhappy with attempt to control them

3. Stamp Act

3.1. taxed anything on paper

3.2. act was repealed b/c of colonial boycott on British goods

4. Quartering Act

4.1. required colonists to house and feed British soldiers

4.2. soldiers used writs of assistance, or blank search warrants

5. Townshend Acts

5.1. tax on imported tea, glass, paper, and other items

5.2. colonists boycotted

5.3. Sons of Liberty used violence against tax collectors to protest the acts

6. Boston Massacre

6.1. Deadly riot which resulted in 5 colonists being killed by Bristish soldiers

6.2. Incident used as propaganda

7. Tea Act / Boston Tea Party

7.1. Made monopoly over tea; only sold by British East India Company

7.2. Sons of Liberty illegally boarded British ships and umped the tea into the Boston Harbor

8. Intolerable Acts

8.1. Effort to get colonists to pay for the tea and keep them from planning other attacks

8.2. closed the port of Boston which stopped trade

8.3. Didn't allow town meetings

8.4. gave Britain control of the colony