Melons (Malcolm)

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Melons (Malcolm) by Mind Map: Melons (Malcolm)

1. Nutritions Value

1.1. vitamin c

1.2. vitamin a

1.3. vitamin b6

1.4. vitamin b3

1.5. vitamin b1

1.6. vitamin k

2. Types of Melons

2.1. Watermelon

2.2. Cantaloupe melon.

2.3. Horned Melon.

2.4. Crenshaw Melon.

2.5. Honeydew.

3. Choosing melons

3.1. inspect the melon for defect

3.2. check the skin colour

3.3. check the size of the melon

3.4. give a few tap on the melon

3.5. smell the melon check it it has a foul smell

4. storing

4.1. Store the melons in the fridge when riped

4.2. If the water melon is being cut use a plastic to wrap the watermelon up to keep it in the fridge

5. Characteristic of Melons

5.1. Antioxidants

5.2. Contains a lot of water

5.3. Good for our skin

5.4. Rich in minerals

5.5. Very sweet