RHIT Study Cycle Mind Map 2D

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RHIT Study Cycle Mind Map 2D by Mind Map: RHIT Study Cycle Mind Map 2D

1. Study

1.1. devote 30-50 min per study session

1.2. plan your study time

1.3. Form a study group with people in your class

1.4. review older tests

1.5. take a break during study time to clear your mind

1.6. concept mapping

2. Preview

2.1. skim the material

2.2. read the section of the textbook that the lecture covers before class

2.2.1. take notes over the section

2.3. watch video tutorials going over information to get a solid introduction

3. Check

3.1. can I teach the material to someone else

3.2. evaluate the grade you got on a quiz or test

3.3. Evaluate if study methods are effective based on time spent studying

3.4. Look at what you got wrong on tests or quizzes and see if you can find your mistakes

4. Review

4.1. reread notes

4.2. go through in-class notes

4.3. do online practice problems (if provided for the class)

4.4. reread text

4.5. Meet with someone from your class to discuss what was talked about in class

4.6. look at the teacher's previous tests

5. Attend

5.1. Be present in mind and body while in class

5.2. Make sure you go to class on time

5.3. Take notes while in class

5.4. Ask questions