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1. The simple future can be formed in different ways, with will and be going to

1.1. Example to WILL

1.2. Yes: They will dance all night long.

1.3. Interrogative: How old will he be next month?

1.4. Negative: This winter will not be so cold.

1.5. Example to BE GOING TO

1.6. Yes: I’m going to learn English

1.7. Interrogative: Are we going to pay?

1.8. Negative: She is not going to buy that car

2. Use of will

2.1. To express the future predictions that are based on ideas

2.2. She will come to your House on Monday night

2.3. To make promises

2.4. I promise that I will come early

2.5. To make decisions at the time of speaking

2.6. I will take a ham and cheese sandwich

2.7. To order something so formal or educated

2.8. Will you take this to the House of manuel?

2.9. To offer something

2.10. we will take you to the doctor

3. Use to be going to

3.1. To express an intention that we have planned

3.2. I'm going to go tomorrow to the airport

3.3. to talk about future plans, which were carried out in the short term and almost certainly

3.4. Henry is going to miami the week that comes

3.5. to make predictions of future, which are very obvious

3.6. today is 4th, is going to get very cold

4. Formula for use will

4.1. Yes

4.2. Subject + will + verb infinitive + complement

4.3. Interrogative

4.4. Verb infinitive + subject + will + complement

4.5. Negative

4.6. Subject + will not + verb infinitive + complement

5. Formula for use be going to

5.1. Yes

5.2. Subject  + verb to be + going to + verb infinitive + complement

5.3. Interrogative

5.4. Verb to be + subject + going to + verb infinitive + complement

5.5. Negative

5.6. Subject + verb to be + not going to + verb infinitive + complement