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An Awesome WebApp by Mind Map: An Awesome WebApp

1. Profitable

1.1. Revenues are higher than the costs

2. Attractive

2.1. It has a beautiful interface and friendly copy

3. Viral

3.1. Customers recommend it

4. Stable

4.1. It doesn't crash

5. Secure

5.1. My information is secured

5.2. The application is resilient to attacks

5.3. It doesn't pull in personal information that isn't absolutely necessary and explicitly allowed by the user.

6. Available

6.1. It has very good uptime

7. Easy to use

7.1. I can get things done in very few steps

7.2. Product features

7.2.1. Easily discoverable

7.2.2. Self Explanatory

8. Helpful

8.1. It helps me solve a problem (it responds to a need)

9. Great customer service

9.1. The staff is responsive and helpful

10. Responsive

10.1. It does what it needs to do quickly

11. Optimized

11.1. It requires the minimum amount of resources