List Building with Videos

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List Building with Videos by Mind Map: List Building with Videos

1. Targeting the right keywords

1.1. How-To

1.2. For Dummies

1.3. Information + buyer intent keywords

1.4. If it's 100% buyer keyword, just go for the sale

2. Setting up your funnel

2.1. Value-based funnel vs Sale-Based funnel

2.2. Keep your squeeze pages simple

2.2.1. Strong Headline and optin box

2.3. Maximize your follow up sequence to bring them back to the sales page

2.3.1. hey here's your free gift (PS. did you miss this special offer

2.3.2. Make sure your free gift also brings them back to the sale

2.3.3. If you want to make your FU sequence more value based, have a 3 to 1 ratio.

3. Finding Your Free Gift

3.1. Hire a writer - iWriter, Greenlight articles,

3.2. Google it and rewrite (be careful not to copy)

3.3. Fiverr

3.4. Make it yourself. Doesn't have to be PDF, could be a video, audio or other format

3.5. Partner with an expert in the field

4. Software to use to create your pages

4.1. Optimize Press

4.2. Clickfunnels

4.3. Leadpages

4.4. Dragible

5. Autoresponders

5.1. Aweber

5.2. Get Response

5.3. Mailjet

5.4. Mailgun

5.5. Active Campaign

6. Creative Ways To Profit More and Get More Leads

6.1. Broadcast emails

6.1.1. Sending To your Unopens

6.2. Thank You Page Banner Exchanges

6.3. Include CPA Offers in your P.S. Welcome Email

6.4. Exchange Follow up email Traffic

6.5. Email Swaps

6.6. Charge for Solo ads

6.7. Don't forget Physical Product recommendations