First OLPC Meeting of Fall 2008

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First OLPC Meeting of Fall 2008 by Mind Map: First OLPC Meeting of Fall 2008

1. Planning

1.1. Find out when the activities fair is


1.1.2. It was 8/31 last year

1.2. Decide upon interest meeting date

1.2.1. Early September

1.2.2. Probably September First

1.3. Put up posters and web posters

1.4. Get on Calendar

1.5. Email CS/Engineering

1.6. Reserve room

1.7. Stress that tech savvy not necessarily needed

2. Ideas

2.1. Pilot Program

2.1.1. Train for XO Use

2.1.2. Weekly XO Curriculum Creation Scratch Content Creation Writing Browsing

2.1.3. Coordinate weekly Duties

2.1.4. Educational Analysis

2.1.5. Web Development for the blog

2.2. Software Development

2.2.1. Talk about independent study plans

2.2.2. See events for hosting Jam

2.2.3. Python tutorials/Creating an activity tutorials Possible Software Ideas Games Educational Activities


2.2.5. LiveCDs!

2.3. Events

2.3.1. Fundraising

2.3.2. OLPC Jam

2.4. Show Off the Remaining Laptops

2.5. Electing Officers (Executive Committee)

2.5.1. School/Community Coordinator Deals with school Schedules people for weekly stuff

2.5.2. Treasurer Fundraising Dealing with funds

2.5.3. Head of Software Dev

2.5.4. Head of Communications/Secretary Emails Blogging Pictures/Video New node


2.5.6. all elected officers get XO laptops for the year

2.6. Becoming an organization

2.7. Hardware Development - any takers?

3. Future Meetings

3.1. Pilot Meetings

3.1.1. XO Tutorials

3.1.2. Curriculum creation

3.2. Software Meetings

3.2.1. Python Tutorials

3.2.2. Actual Activity Creation

3.3. Weekly Meetings for the two groups