Reducing the Number of African-American Males in Prison

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Reducing the Number of African-American Males in Prison by Mind Map: Reducing the Number of African-American Males in Prison

1. Reduce Poverty

1.1. Increase Education

1.1.1. Better quality

1.1.2. Rezoning for Taxes and school funding

1.1.3. Adult Education courses Career training career placement

1.1.4. Revamp funding for education Increase funding for education Free higher education Alter government spending

1.2. Financial management classes

1.2.1. Home ownership

1.2.2. Debt elimination control bank interest rates

1.3. Mandatory free health care

2. Increased Community Action

2.1. Community Gardens

2.1.1. Healthy eating education

2.2. Implement Youth Activities

2.2.1. sports

2.2.2. Free after school care/activities

2.3. Required meetings with law enforcement and local communities

2.3.1. required volunteer hours for all law enforcement Nurturing Youth career exploration

3. Change laws for first time offenders

3.1. Mandatory career training

3.1.1. Mandatory career retainer for 36 months after mandatory savings accounts financial planning/training/homeownership

3.1.2. education of career availability Funding Oversight of funding

3.2. Make government work for us

3.2.1. change the amount political officials are paid

3.2.2. never allow guaranteed pay for political officials (they work as we say or they don't get paid)

4. Training for Law enforcement

4.1. Ongoing CEUs as needed in communities

4.2. sensitivity training

4.3. social skills

5. Rehabilitation after release

5.1. Probation includes mandatory career training

5.1.1. Therapy required for social skills and community re-entry talk therapy Parenting classes

5.1.2. Proportion of fines to back into their local communities

5.2. required volunteering