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Child Development Institute by Mind Map: Child Development Institute

1. Child Development Institute's mission is to "promote and support the healthy development of children and to strengthen the families and communities in which they live. Child Development Institute is recognized for innovation and excellence in child development services and research by collaborating and partnering with others who share their values."  CDI is an accredited children’s mental health agency (non-for-profit) in Toronto on Euclid in the heart of Little Italy.  They offer "evidence-based programs for children between 1-12, and 13-18, as well as their families, across four different outlets:  Early Intervention Services, Family Violence Services, the Integra Program and Healthy Child Development." They have an established track record of success in children’s mental health and family violence.  They work with each and every child individually and family’s unique strengths, needs and challenges. CDI helps "children and their families to uncover their abilities, give them tools to succeed, and support them in challenges."

1.1. • How are services/programs accessed? Some programs require teacher, social worker, or other school staff referral.  Although, visiting the website or calling is a good start – as CDI offers programs to most families in need (free of charge), and if they aren’t a good fit for your family’s needs, they will refer you to a better agency or organization for help.

2. School Treatment Program: The School Treatment Program (Section 23) provides three therapeutically-based classrooms and treatment programs.

3. SNAP for Schools: Snap is a program that is for students ages 6-11, focusing on developing skills to promote a positive change in behavior.

4. The School Treatment Program, SNAP, ACT & ADAPT, and FRIENDS for Life are specialized programs. Children are referred to these programs by teachers, social workers and other school staff. The programs are run in partnership with the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

4.1. CDI has a long list of financial supporters - to find out more about how CDI can offer these amazing programs to families in need for free, please visit:

5. There are also family Violence Programs such as: Here To Help, Mothers In Mind, Transitions, and a variety of Shelter programs and sexual abuse programs.

6. Community Education and Engagement Program

7. Individual Therapy and Counselling

8. Topic B: Inclusion and Cultural Diversity: The CDI early learning centres supports “inclusion of children with special needs. We also embrace cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic diversity.” Free cultural interpretation is available for all Family Violence Services programs at CDI. Girls-only and Boys-only programs are available.

9. What services/programs for Ontario students and their families?

10. 1. Child Care Consultation and Support Programs: support children with developmental, emotional or behavioural needs. These programs focus on meeting the needs of individual children, providing support and resources for parents.

11. 2. School-Based Programs:

12. Start Right Social Skills: An early intervention program for kindergarten kids who are having difficulty adjusting to the kindergarten classroom and the independence away from parents, children are referred to this program by teachers and other school staff.

13. ACT & ADAPT: a group program for students in grades five to eight who are experiencing challenges managing their mood.

14. FRIENDS for Life: This program is done in small groups or within the whole classroom, and covers topics such as self-esteem and problem solving. This program helps students learn skills to cope with stress and build emotional resilience and advocacy.