5 Step Action Plan for ELL

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5 Step Action Plan for ELL by Mind Map: 5 Step Action Plan for ELL

1. Evaluate

1.1. Who: Teacher

1.2. What: Look at what the ELL students strengths and weakness are in relation to the language barrier as well as athletically

1.3. Where: In gym class, recess, regular classroom

1.4. Why: If the teacher doesn't know where the student stands currently he will not be able to prepare to have the student move forward

2. Planning

2.1. Who: Teacher

2.2. What: Put together a lesson plan that can accommodate both the english speaking students and ELL students

2.3. When: Before you start the first unit

2.4. Why: After evaluating the student if you do not make a plan you will set yourself and the student up for failure.

3. Communicating

3.1. who: teacher and student

3.2. what: Find away for teacher to understand student and vice versa. Teacher learns more Spanish and French and the ELL student learns more English as well as body language.

3.3. When: during class

3.4. Why: Without communication the student and the teacher will be on the wrong page. The teacher will not be able to help the student in their education.

3.5. How: The teacher must not rush or become frustrated with the student. Be patient use visuals as well as demonstrating any skill that needs to be mastered.

4. Work in small groups

4.1. Who: Student

4.2. What: Be able to participate in same groups and teams and be successful at the task at hand

4.3. When/Where: Class

4.4. Why: Being able to work with English speak students will not only help the student learn English but it will increase their confidence. Also the student will feel more comfortable.

4.5. How: Place the ELL student with a group that has patience and are open to giving a helping hand when needed.

5. Work in Large Groups

5.1. Who: Student

5.2. What: Allow the student to play in a full class game with less hands on assistance.

5.3. When/Where: Class

5.4. Why: This will help the student display mastery at the skill/game being played. Depending on how well the ELL student does decides if they need to take a step back or a step forward.

5.5. How: Example American Football- how well does he know the game. Can he follow rules and how effective is he/she during game.