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Mind Map by Mind Map: Mind Map

1. General Capabilites

1.1. Knowledge, skills, behavior & dispositions students need to succeed. Students develop and use within & across learning areas in and out of school.

1.2. Subjects

1.2.1. Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, the Arts and Health and Physical Education.

1.3. Strands

1.3.1. Knowledge and understanding, students are asked to apply using process and production skills..

1.4. Band Levels

1.4.1. Foundation to year 12.

2. Rational

2.1. Students learn that the design, development & use of technologies are influenced and constructed by transforming societies and our natural, managed, constructed and digital environments.

2.2. Implementing the Curriculum

2.2.1. Students will undertake, design projects that involve 3 process and production skills: Critiquing Exploring and investigation, generating, develooping and evaluating ideas

3. Key Concepts

3.1. Data collection, Interpretation, Implementation and specialisation

4. Aims

4.1. Students become confident, creative, ethical, enterprising, environmentally and social responsible innovators.

4.2. Cross-curriculum priorities

4.2.1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders history and culture.

4.2.2. Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia Sustainability

4.3. Student Diversity

4.3.1. Gifted and Talented Students with a disability English as a additional language or dilect