Web 2.0 Tools

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Web 2.0 Tools by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools


1.1. Socrative: http://www.socrative.com  - With Socrative you are able to ask questions, get answers and have immediate feedback for the students. Students are able to use cell phones or laptops to answer questions.

1.2. Appolicious: www.appolicious.com - If you have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy at your school, you can use Appolicious to find a mobile app that fits your lesson plans. It gives you a description of each app, how much it costs, a screenshot and user reviews. There’s even a section that is specific to education so you don’t have to browse through irrelevant apps.

1.3. Plickers: www.plickers.com - a simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices.

2. Testing Tools

2.1. Quizlet: www.quizlet.com - Quizlet allows students and teachers to make customized flash cards for test preparation.You can manage access to the flashcards you create and share them with your students.

2.2. Testmoz: www.testmoz.com - Is a website that allows teachers to make their own tests. Testmoz is a test generator that sports 4 question types, automatic grading, a really simple interface and detailed reports.

2.3. Quizizz- www.quizizz.com - Quizzizz allows the teacher to create quizzes in a fun and engaging way for students. The quizzes are in game form and can be multiplayer games. Teachers can customize the quizzes and students can work at their own pace on the quizzes. Teachers can also gain data from the quizzes to keep.

3. Presentations

3.1. Prezi: https://prezi.com- Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used in place of PowerPoint. Prezi uses one large canvas that allows you to move all around the screen. It also allows you to zoom in and out on the canvas to emphasize information there.

3.2. Animoto: www.animoto.com - This tool is geared toward making videos. It is a great way to combine videos and photos into a unique presentation. You are able to choose your style, media, and text. Then you produce and share.

3.3. Creedoo: www.creedoo.com - Creedoo is designed for the presenter to interact with the audience. Creedoo allows you to ask questions/poll the audience and shows their answers in real time. The website also allows you to use back slides. Theses slides stay in the back of the presentation unless your audience has additional questions or additional information is needed. If the presenter needs the back slides, they just click the slide and the presentation moves to that slide.

4. Communication

4.1. Remind: https://www.remind.com - Remind is a great way to keep in contact with parents and students. I use it often in my classroom to remind students and parents of upcoming events and it is a great way to keep in constant contact with parents about student behavior or things happening in the classroom, without giving out the teachers phone number. The teacher is able to send individual messages, not just whole group.

4.2. Facebook: www.facebook.com - Facebook allows the user to upload events, pictures, and other information that may be important to parents and students. Having a class Facebook allows teachers another outlet of communication through messenger and also through pictures and posts the teachers and students add to keep parents informed.

4.3. ePals: http://www.epals.com/#/connections -a platform designed to promote meaningful teaching and learning, showing teachers and students how to use technology strategically to promote the fundamental learning principles essential for academic achievement.