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Convergence Journalism by Mind Map: Convergence Journalism
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Convergence Journalism

What is Convergence?

Convergence Journalism is multimedia journalism across multiple platforms and mediums. In the department, students focus on producing news and content on the medium and platform that best fits a specific audience.

Convergence is the School of Journalism's first new major in more than 50 years.

What is it like to be a Convergence student?

Convergence students take required core courses in multimedia reporting and producing. To learn more about what students learn in the core Convergence courses, click on the arrow.

Convergence students work at a variety of news and communication outlets with the Missouri School of Journalism, specializing in producing multiple types of content. There are many different interest areas students can choose from after beginning coursework in Convergence.

Examples of work

Convergence students have the opportunity to work with high profile media outlets during their coursework and capstone projects.