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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Math Practice

1.1. Thinking Blocks Fractions: This is an app designed to help show students how to model and solve word problems involving fractions and whole numbers.

1.2. Algebra Tiles: This app allows you to use algebra tiles to solve equations and factor polynomials.

1.3. IXL Math: This app allows students to seek additional practice with a specific skill. It explains how to do the problem if you get it wrong.

1.4. Virtual Manipulatives!:!/id471341079?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8 This app allows students to move fraction bars around to help compare fractions.

2. Math Tools

2.1. MyScript Calculator: This app allows students to write on the app and it helps them simplify the problem or solve it.

2.2. Free Graphing Calculator: This a free graphing calculator that students can access. It works exactly like a normal graphing calculator except its free!

3. Teaching Tools

3.1. BrainPop: This app provides funny videos teaching students about a concept. They are short videos that students love!

3.2. Khan Academy: This app has step by step videos for teaching any concept from math to reading.

3.3. Quizlet: This app allows you to create flashcards, play vocabulary games and take practice vocabulary tests.

4. Teacher Tools

4.1. Common Core Standards: This app allows me to quickly access all of the standards for free.

4.2. Google Drive: This app allows you to store your documents and have them at the tip of your fingers. This is great for lesson plans!

4.3. Google Calendar: This app allows you to have your meetings and reminders all in one place. You can share your calendar with other people in your district as well.