Chapter 3: Text

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Chapter 3: Text by Mind Map: Chapter 3: Text

1. Importance of Text

1.1. The simplest of data types and requires the least amount of storage

1.2. In symbols, words, sentences, and paragraphs form

1.3. Is a vital element of multimedia menus, navigation systems, and content

2. Understanding Fonts & Typefaces

2.1. Font

2.1.1. A collection of characters of a single size and style belonging to a particular typeface family

2.2. Typeface

2.2.1. A family of graphic characters. often with many type sizes and styles

2.3. Study of fonts and typefaces

2.3.1. Font styles

2.3.2. Font terminology Baseline Cap height X-height Ascenders/descenders Kerning Tracking

2.3.3. Cases

2.4. Serif vs Sans Serif

3. Using Text Elements

3.1. Menus for navigation

3.2. Interaction buttons

3.3. Fields for reading

3.4. HTML documents

3.5. Symbols and icons

4. Computers & Text

4.1. Bitmap font vs Vector font

4.2. Character sets

4.2.1. American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)

4.2.2. Extended Character Set (ISO Latin-1)

4.2.3. Unicode

5. Hypertext vs Hypermedia

5.1. Hypertext

5.1.1. contains links to other texts

5.1.2. subset of hypermedia

5.2. Hypermedia

5.2.1. not constrained to be text-based

5.2.2. can include graphics, images, sound and video

5.2.3. Hypermedia structures Links Nodes Anchors