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AWS Sysops by Mind Map: AWS Sysops

1. Security

2. Networking

3. Data Management

4. Deployment & Provision

5. Monitoring

5.1. Cloud Watch

5.1.1. Can Monitor EC2 Dynamo DB RDS DB Instances Custom Metrics generated by your applications and services Any log files your applications generate

5.1.2. CloudWatch & EC2 by default is monitoring CPU Network Disk Status Checks RAM Utilization is a custom metric by default EC2 monitoring is 5 minutes intervals detailed monitoring is 1 minute intervals and is disabled by default can I retrieve data from any terminated EC2 or ELB ? Yes, you can retrieve data from any terminated ec2 or elb instance for up to 2 weeks after it's termination

5.1.3. How Long are Metrics Stored ? by default the metrics are stored by two (2) Weeks. You can retrieve data that is longer than 2 weeks using the GetMetricStatistics API or by using a third party tool offered by some AWS partner

5.1.4. Metric Granularity depends on the AWS service. Many default metrics for many default services are 1 minute, but it can be 3 or 5 minutes depending on the service For custom metrics the minimum granularity that you can have is 1 minute.

5.1.5. Alarms

6. Analysis

7. High Availability