Newcomer Centre of Peel (NCP)

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Newcomer Centre of Peel (NCP) by Mind Map: Newcomer Centre of Peel (NCP)

1. Services

1.1. Services can be accessed by looking at the website for contact information including emails and phone numbers of those in charge.

1.2. Child Care NCP provides child care for families that are employed, searching for employment or currently in school.

1.3. Language Training NCP provides language training programs that are open to any adult immigrant or refugee who want to learn English as a second language. The only requirement is an interview assessment to determine the current level of language ability.

1.4. Community Services The NCP offers a variety of different community programs for people of all ages.  The programs range from youths, adult to even seniors.  These programs allow newcomers to feel a part of a multicultural community.

1.5. Counselling NCP gives counselling services to through struggling with mental illness, unemployment, parenting and health and nutrition issues.  There is the option for counselling services to be translated into different languages or for people to be given an interpreter to help communicate.

1.6. Employment Services The NCP offers employment services to adults over the age of 18.  Such programs include; co-op placements, employment training, job skills workshops and workplace orientations.

2. What is the NCP?

2.1. The Newcomer Centre of Peel is an organization offered in Mississauga and Brampton for immigrants new to Canada. The NCP offers equal opportunity to services in the community.

3. NCP's Vision and Values

3.1. NCP's vision is to create a sense of community for Newcomers to Canada. It's values include: - Integrity - Accountability - Respect - Innovation

4. How does the NCP address equity?

4.1. The NCP creates equal opportunities for people who are new to Canada. It gives immigrants the tools they need to succeed in a new country. The NCP works with people of all ages to ensure they feel a sense of community in their new home.

5. How does the NCP work with the Peel District School Board?

5.1. The NCP along with other settlement organizations help students in schools become accustomed to Canada. Settlement workers from the NCP are placed in schools with high immigration.

5.2. How does PDSB work with "Welcome to the World?"

5.2.1. "Welcome to the World" is an organization like the NCP that helps students become settled into their schools. If schools have a lower immigration rate, settlement workers from "Welcome to the World" centres are on call to come in for assistance.